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Mararu & Mararu Business and Litigation Law Firm Bucharest Romania

SINCE 2004.

One of the oldest law firms in Romania, Mararu & Mararu SCA assists capital, investors, business associations, corporations and individuals safely navigate the Romanian legal and regulatory landscape.

Throughout our unique, ongoing journey started two decades ago, based on common and enduring values and principles put in the service of financial, economical, business and cultural ties, integration, facilitation, enhancement and betterment, we bring value, clarity and opportunity to our clients in cross-industry areas of practice, in an ethical, adaptive, integrated, clear and sound legal manner, with affordability and efficiency, and at the highest legal and business standards and practices.  

Industrial, Tech & Digital Economy

Industrial and consummer manufacturing, e-Commerce, FinTech, DLT, IT and telecomm, data and computer science, IP, consumer, technology, digital media and marketing law practice is at the core of our services, from major public and private acquisitions and infrastructure projects to technology transfers and technology personnel divisions outsourcing, with licensing, regulatory compliance, state-aid schemes, investment incentives, transactional work and litigation.  


Business, Civil, Insurance & IP Litigation

Excelling at risk mitigation and time and cost-saving amicable settlements for our foreign investor clientele, however with a long, proven track record of successful litigation (98%) in some high-complexity, high-stake business, commercial, civil, corporate, financial, insolvency, debt collection, insurance and criminal prosecution cases, you will know our High-Court of Justice and Cassation of Romania qualified attorneys will not leave any avenue or stone unturned, should all amicable efforts for a settlement be exhausted. 

Regulatory Compliance

We are advising clients on a countless number of regulatory compliance matters, whether on business, service, product, apparel, consumer, industrial equipment, financial, energy, environmental, digital economy, marketing and finance, intellectual property, transportation, tourism, shipping, fisheries, advertising and others.

Wether you seek a legal opinion, a memorandum of law, or assistance with regulatory compliance advice, solutions and preparation, we have a solid and long-standing experience.

Legal Practce

Energy, Natural Resources & Environmental Law

From complex consumer, market and environmental regulatory compliance to permitting, contracting, asset and infrastructure acquisitions, transfer, and license guardianship or the digitalization of the energy value chain (smart metering, DLT and blockchain technologies), we assist energy and natural resources companies achieve their business, growth and transition to low-carbon or carbon-neutral economy goals in a secure environment.

We work well with Client's teams, advisors and consultants, understand the fast-pace industry and the Client's objectives, and strive to provide comprehensive next-gen legal solutions to tomorrow's challenges.

Corporate Law

 Advising, drafting and negotiating complex corporate finance, corporate structures, corporate governance, business and investment contracts (JV, SPV, NDA, assignment, consulting etc.), goodwill A class intangible assets,  business, know-how, technology and personnel transfers, industrial, IT&C, IP, outsourcing and procurement, governmental acquisitions, construction, consumer, management, credit and loan, distribution, dealer and agency, e-Commerce, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, publishing agreements, CRM, MIS, ERP, HRM, CM, software and SaaS licenses, supply, sell-purchase and reseller, warranty, insurance, employment and labor matters, as well as every other day-to-day legal work etc.

Legal Audit

We are advising board of directors and executives on preventive and regulatory compliance measures, and on procedures and policies designed to reduce the risk of brand and financial damage, or civil, administrative and criminal liabilities, as well as with independent business & legal intelligence, stealth advocacy, due diligence, internal audit and investigations, prosecution and litigation on cybercrime, fraud, white-collar crime, anticorruption and collusion.  We are used to process large volumes of data, and work well with other Client advisors and counsels, institutional partners, and national, foreign and international law enforcement agencies.

With over 22 years of legal advisory and court litigation experience, our High-Court of Cassation and Justice qualified attorneys have the required knowledge, expertise and ethics to ensure professional, accurate, dedicated and personalized quality legal services, earning us a reputation for long-term client commitment that foregoes short-term profit. 


Understanding our Clients' Business and Industry to Better Serve our Clients' Needs

The firm's longstanding dedication and expertise earned us a long list of distinguished international clients, from startups and midsize international businesses, to privately owned or listed Forbes 500, global, continental or regional powerhouses in industries such as IT&C, Consulting, Securities and Capital Markets, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Agriculture, Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Insurance, Tourism, Media, Marketing, Advertising, Constructions, FinTech, Financing, or Apparel and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing.

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“Working with the team at Mararu & Mararu is a true pleasure. Always coming with high quality and professional advices. The services rendered by Mararu & Mararu are supporting Ericsson in performing our business activities under a secured environment. .”

—  Maurizio De Dominicis  —
President Ericsson North Balkans

Meet the Founding Partners

Mararu & Mararu SCA was founded by two senior Romanian court lawyers / litigators, and outside legal advisors to the General Confederation of Industrialists of Romania UGIR-1903:

Business Litigation Attorney Court Lawyer Bucharest Romania

Founding Partner, Firm Lead, Business, Insurance & Civil Litigation

Amala Mararu, Esq.

  • LinkedIn

With centuries-old Transylvanian ancestry in high-level public service, Amala puts herself in the service of others with the same dedication and ability as her fore-bearer, diplomat, lawyer, MP (Budapest & Bucharest) and Dec 1, 1918 Romanian Union Resolution deputy and signatory Nicolae Serban de Voila, PhD. 

Business Litigation Attorney Court Lawyer Bucharest Romania

Founding Partner, Practice Lead, Advisory & Litigation

Ioan Mararu, Esq.

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Detail oriented, assisting clients navigate the complex and dynamic legal landscape of the digital age, with due diligence, risk mitigation, contract drafting and negotiation, comprehensive legal opinions and memoranda of law, court litigation and on their day-to-day business on an ongoing or project-basis.

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