We have advised major private and public corporations, individuals, nationwide representative employers confederations and federations and business associations in multimillion Euro strategic public tenders, property finance and leasing, concession of public assets and services, international economic missions and public-private partnerships with drafting and negotiating public private partnerships & concession agreements, drafting primary or secondary legislation or legislative amendments, state aid schemes compliance and application programs, consultancy on various regulatory issues and representing clients in course of public acquisitions tenders and privatization, covering complex transactions such as for telecommunication infrastructure, delivery of high-tech goods and services, mining/natural resources, drafting and revising legislation, contentious annulment of governmental strategic legislation and litigation. Some of the specific services our firm provided:

  1. Concession of public assets and works

  2. Drafting legislation

  3. Joint venture, consortium, teaming-up and other partnering agreements

  4. Legal advice on related taxation, employment, EU funds, classified information matters

  5. Regulatory advice

  6. Revision of public acquisition contracts

  7. State aid schemes compliance and application

  8. PPP’s agreement structuring and negotiation

  9. Privatization

  10. Public tender and bid preparation

  11. Public procurement contracts and dispute settlement

  12. Litigation

Drafting Legislation

With members of the Social Dialogue Commission with the Justice Ministry, we had actively participated to the final consultations on many transpositions of key EU legislation in the Romanian legislation:

  1. the Law 359/2004 regarding the simplification of the Trade Register procedures for company registration

  2. the Insolvency Law 85/2006

  3. the Law 317/2004 regarding the Superior Council of Magistrates

  4. the Law 304/2004 regarding the organization of the justice system of Romania

  5. the amendments to the Fiscal Code (2004)

  6. the amendments to the Labor Code enforced by the Emergency Ordinance 65/2005 and by the Law 371/2005

  7. the Emergency Ordinance 47/2006 amending and completing the Law 293/2004 regarding the Public Clerks Statute

  8. the Project of the Law 441/2006 for the amendment of the Law 31/1990 on trading companies and other incident legal regulations

Within the Export Council of Romania, we have actively participated to consultations on export regulations, harmonization with EU relevant export practices and regulations and commercial defense, export and tax policies, protocols, procedural and bureaucratic measures, being assigned as General Secretary of the Council.

Public Acquisitions & Privatization

Mararu & Mararu has offered extensive legal support on all phases of public acquisitions and privatization in Romania, since pre-sales, due-diligence, bid/auction/offer analysis and opposition, throughout tendering, auctioning and bidding, contract and bidding formation and strategy including consortium, teaming-up and joint-venture, public and private purchase, concession or service contract assessments, revisions, negotiations and execution, due diligence and last but not least, strategic litigation consultancy in numerous multimillion Euro public and private acquisitions such as for the privatization of Cupru Min SA Abrud, the state-owned operator of Rosia Poieni world-class copper deposit with evaluated reserves of 900 mln tones (60% of Romania’s copper reserves) and a current commercial value of around Eur 5-7 bln, the acquisition of Carom SA Onesti, the sole Romanian synthetic rubber manufacturer, the acquisition of Archim SA Arad, or strategic purchase and/or service public and/or private acquisitions of hardware, software and telecommunications systems and equipments and services for major national infrastructure projects or for major IT&C corporations.

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IT&C Public Acquisitions

Mararu & Mararu had offered legal support for tender documentation assessment, clarifications and litigation, bid formation, contract revision, negotiation and execution, in various complex benchmark acquisitions in the recent IT&C sector in Romania:

  1. NetCity Project (the metropolitan subterranean fiber optic project, valued €  500 M) - reviewing teaming agreement and subcontractor agreement with UTI Systems, the principal

  2. Tender documentation assessment, bid formation, contract negotiation, revision and execution for various post-guarantee repair service agreements with Societatea Nationala de Radiocomunicatii S.A.-SNR

  3. Tender documentation assessment, bid formation, contract negotiation, revision and execution for various post-guarantee repair service agreements with Societatea Romana de Radiodifuziune - SRR

  4. Tender documentation assessment, bid formation, contract negotiation, revision and execution for supply of telecommunications equipments and accessories for Romtelecom SA

  5. Tender documentation assessment, bid formation, contract negotiation, revision and execution for radio relays repairs service agreements, various telecoms equipments and systems acquisitions, including under the Schengen Facility, by the Special Telecommunications Service -STS

  6. Tender documentation assessment, bid formation, contract revision, negotiation and execution for telecommunication equipments and systems acquisitions within the “Radio System for the Moldavian Border Guard and Customs Services Project”

  7. Tender documentation assessment, bid formation, contract revision, negotiation and execution for the SIS-SINS Signaling System Project within the Schengen Facility

  8. Various tender documentation assessment, bid formation and contract revision and negotiation for SAP service agreements by CSC Computer Sciences Corporation

International Economic Missions

Our law firm had assisted nationwide relevant employers confederations in organizing and establishing strategic international partnerships, economic programs and economic missions around the world, with some of the most powerful business associations, industrial magnates and NGO’s in Europe, Asia and North America.

State Aid Schemes

Our law firm has been instructed to perform deep-analysis of state aid schemes in general and in the IT and telecommunications sector in particular, draft eligibility studies as to business development and employment related costs deductibility and compared analysis of the EU exemption rules with national legislative transpositions, as well as to draft national state aid legislation.

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