Coming from a long, most complex and successful multilateral practice at the top level of the national employment policy and regulation in the areas of national social dialogue and the national Social Economic Council of the nationwide representative labour unions, federations and confederations, employers federations and confederations and every other industry associations, our law firm has acquired a unique background on virtually most critical practices in contentious and non-contentious employment law such as employment, labor, individual and collective labor agreements, employee benefits, employee compensations, employee transfer, secondment or relocation, layouts, employment litigation, outsourcing, restructuring practices or downsizing, personal data processing and transfer.

As legal advisors, we offer clients diverse services focused on responsive and efficient problem solving. We know our clients' industries, which gives us a unique perspective in solving their business challenges.

Mararu & Mararu is usually retained by medium or large corporations for sensitive employment related work, either at preparatory level - drafting employment or management agreements, assisting with structuring employee benefits agreements, confidentiality agreements, security agreements and company policies, supervising regulatory compliance, status and personnel files auditing, data protection opinions and assistance - or at dispute level, for preparing strategies, drafting notices and agreements, and assisting and representing during labor litigation in Romanian courts.

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The Law Firm

Est. 2004
practice areas
  1. Outsourcing and Procurement Agreements

  2. Data processor and Personal Data Transfer agreements

  3. Governmental Labor Contracts

  4. Hire and Personnel Transfer Agreements

  5. Employment Agreements

  6. Management Agreements

  7. Confidentiality Agreements

  8. Personnel Related Insurance Agreements

  9. Company Regulations and Policies

  10. Internal Regulations

  11. Chart of Duties

  12. Waiver of Liability

  13. Dismissal Notices

  14. Dismissal Procedures

  15. Labor Litigation

  16. Wrongful Termination

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