Mararu & Mararu provides comprehensive legal services and innovative contractual solutions to domestic and multi-national businesses across a diverse range from, for example, international investment banks and global telecommunications, hardware and software, consumer goods, renewable energy and gaming corporations, national employers confederations, federations and business organizations virtually representing most of the corporate Romania, from start-ups to well-established businesses, offering a full legal support to our clients throughout the entire life-cycle of their commercial transactions, from strategic planning and negotiation to implementation, contract management and exit.

Clients come to us as much for our strategic thinking and detailed understanding of their sector as for our close attention to the fine print of their legal documents.

We aim at distinguishing the value of advice to clients that supplements the strict letter of the law with commercial experience in so doing allowing clients to take valuable business decisions based on our legal advice.

By the due diligence we promote, we do not aim to inspire distress, but trust in the protection of the law. We offer functional legal solutions to effective commercial challenges.

Through constant involvement in many complex and specialist transactions, we are able to help our clients to minimize their exposure to key business, legal and financial risks and maximize the chances of attaining their commercial targets. We provide clear, insightful advice and a calm, pragmatic approach to complex issues and challenging situations.

As legal advisors, we offer clients diverse services focused on responsive and efficient problem solving. We know our clients' industries, which gives us a unique perspective in solving their business challenges.

As we have often been chosen for specialist localization work as well as an outsource solution for boilerplate or international transactions consultancy work, unlike many of our competitors, Mararu & Mararu is currently the only Romanian law firm offering international commercial advice as a principal standalone specialist offering across the world, as opposed to a localized support function to a local corporate department.

We have a long-standing experience across the entire range of commercial arrangements, from software development and software licenses agreements, application service provider agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, consultancy agreements, data processor and personal data transfer agreements, agency and distribution, franchise, hire, personnel transfer, know-how and technology transfer, manufacturing, marketing, terms & conditions of business, advertising, publishing, supply, sales and reseller agreements, insurance and reinsurance agreements, transport, service, sponsorship, web development, hosting and maintenance agreements to global outsourcing and procurement.

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The Law Firm

Est. 2004
practice areas
  1. Advertising agreements

  2. Application service provider agreements

  3. Assignment of agreements

  4. Bond and collateral guarantee agreements

  5. Commission agreements

  6. Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements

  7. Construction agreements

  8. Consultancy agreements

  9. Consumer goods agreements

  10. Contract management services

  11. Credit and Loan agreements

  12. Debt restructuring agreements

  13. Distribution, Dealer and Agency agreements

  14. e-Commerce agreements

  15. Financing and refinancing agreements

  16. Franchise agreements

  17. Guardianship, protection and security agreements

  18. Outsourcing and Procurement

  19. Governmental contracts

  20. Hire and Personnel transfer agreements

  21. Insurance and Reinsurance agreements

  22. Joint ventures

  23. Know-how and Technology transfer agreements

  24. Lease and Sublease agreements

  25. Manufacturing agreements

  26. Marketing agreements

  27. Memorandum of Understanding

  28. Novation agreements

  29. PPP's 

  30. Publishing agreements Service

  31. Works and Performance agreements

  32. Software development agreements

  33. Software licenses agreements

  34. Sponsorship agreements

  35. Supply, Sell-Purchase and Reseller agreements

  36. Terms & conditions of business

  37. Transport agreements

  38. Waiver of liability

  39. Warranty agreements

  40. Web development, Hosting and Maintenance agreements

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