Law Firm Ranked Tier 3 by the Legal 500 EMEA 2013 in Dispute Resolution

Mararu & Mararu has been successfully providing legal services on behalf of creditors and debtors, whether with dispute resolution, judicial emergency procedures, debt collection trial on common law procedure, insolvency or bankruptcy, having a broad experience in assisting and representing its clients in all judiciary steps of credit recovery, bond & assets seizure or bank account freezing and debt execution.

Whether it concerns due diligence, insolvency assessments, debt settlements and reconfigurations, judicial proceedings in civil or bankruptcy courts, the ability to effectively litigate substantive rights is crucial to any insolvency or bankruptcy case representation. 

Judicial collection procedures in Romania may be pursued by two separate paths: (a) based on the common law, which is a civil procedure in front of the civil courts, or (b) by filing an insolvency claim, followed by reorganization - usually resulting in a creditors-approved payment schedule - or bankruptcy and liquidation.

We analyze the underlying claim to estimate the scenario for a successful collection, gather financial and informational intelligence on the debtor; in some cases, as necessary, seek out and find the debtor; engage in negotiations; pursue claims judicially or engaging debt collection or bankruptcy procedures if negotiations are not successful; execute judgments; and collect the sums owed.

We are particularly industrious in establishing creditors' rights or providing unsecured creditors with their greatest leverage in blocking unfair plans of reorganization, pursuing bankruptcy-specific matters to the Romania High Court of Justice and Cassation.

We also prepare legal documentation such as negotiated settlements, promissory notes, and agreements.

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Our litigation team has experience with all matters arising in or relating to a debt collection, insolvency or bankruptcy case, including:

  1. Jurisdiction and venue

  2. Bank account seizures, assets freezing and other injunctive measures

  3. Emergency court ordinances for debt collection

  4. Complex debt collection cases trial on common law

  5. Insolvency or bankruptcy applications

  6. Removal of charges

  7. Breach of fiduciary duty

  8. Collateral guarantees

  9. Fraudulent transfers/agreements

  10. Directors’ personal liability

  11. Preferential transfers

  12. Appointment of trustee director

  13. Complex claims objections

  14. Assumption or rejection of executory contracts

  15. Adversary proceedings

  16. Debtor reorganization

  17. Company dissolution

  18. Winding-up

  19. Appeals

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